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 Svetlana N.


Renat was amazing in helping me find the perfect Corgi puppy! They were very knowledgeable and answered all of my questions, sending me plenty of photos to make sure I was comfortable with everything. They even gave me some food and recommendations on how to care for my new puppy, and explained all the paperwork. I'm so happy with my experience and will definitely recommend them to friends and family.

 Left by Jose C.


I was looking for a Corgi puppy and Renat was very helpful in answering my questions and providing information. They sent me plenty of photos and made sure I was comfortable with everything before providing the deposit. They explained all of the paperwork and sent me home with some food and recommendations for how to care for my new puppy. They are clearly very informed on caring for and raising Corgi Puppies. I will definitely recommend them to family and friends in the future.

 Left by Mary V.


We were in search for a Corgi puppy 3 weeks ago and I’m very thankful to find alabaiCA breeder thru! Renat is very reliable, will provide you all the needed information, (sent the pedigree prior to meeting the puppy, information about genetic testing and provided copy of them as well!), very thorough in explaining and will walk you through the whole process. This breeder also has a very kind and warm family which we appreciate so much. 3-weeks post rehoming, Renat still checks in on how the puppy was doing! He also answers my questions very promptly even after rehoming the puppy. Our puppy (Mochi) has a great temperament, very smart! (knows how to sit, stay, fetch in <2 weeks), adaptable, and is very sweet. I am so glad to come across alabaiCA and being able to meet a trustworthy breeder. He does not overprice too! AlabaiCA is 10/10 highly recommended!

 Left by M.Y. S 


We are so happy with the beautiful corgi puppy that we adopted from AlibaiCa. From start to finish, Renat was professional, communicative, and warm. Everything was well organized (they had the contract, health & vaccination history, pedigree certifications, dog food, etc. all ready to go), and we never felt rushed to make a decision while observing the puppies at play at their home. We were able to meet the sire, dam, and remaining litter mate (there were only two puppies remaining in this litter), and it was clear that all of the dogs were happy and cared for. Even our vet was impressed with Bruno’s health and appearance, describing him as “solid.” Over the past 1.5 months, Bruno has been adjusting to us and our home, and we are seeing his sweet personality come out more and more. He is good with other dogs and people (the latter of which constantly approach him because he’s so adorable), and is just a well-mannered pup all around (and smart!). We would highly recommend AlibaiCa!

 Left by Yulia B


We purchased a puppy of a Central Asian Sheppard dog (CAS) back in October. The puppy truly met all the characteristics of a purebred Asian. Renat was helpful in answering all the questions I had for him and giving practical advices.


 Left by Sasha D


First and foremost it was a pleasure to work with Renat; he's very knowledgeable of the central Asian shepherd (alabai) breed. The puppies are all in great shape, he really loves and takes care of his dogs. I'm very pleased with my central Asian Shephard puppy, he's growing by the day!! Very active and fun. I'm looking forward to working with Renat again and recommend him as a breeder for this

amazing breed of dogs. I didn't have a single problem with acquiring my Alabai from Renat.

 Left by Gina G


Renat was the best. He answered all my questions about purchasing a central Asian shepherd puppy. He let me pick up my puppy from his home and showed me the sire and dame. Excellent breeder and truly cares about the breed and his puppies. I would definitely recommend and will return when the time is right for my next puppy!

 Left by Dani P


Our experience with Renat and getting our new addition to our family was above and beyond. All questions were answered quickly and he was more than accommodating. We could not be happier with our central Asian Shepard, Odin, and are truly blessed to know he has come from an honest and hard working breeder.

 Left by Amanda L


We recently got a Corgi puppy from alabaiCA and the entire experience was top notch from start to finish! They reached out to me with puppy availability, immediately messaged me back whenever I had questions, and made the entire process so easy. Renat is very knowledgeable and his dogs are beautiful! We love our Murphy and he is such a well behaved puppy! I can’t thank Renat and his family enough for helping us complete our family!

 Left by Jane S


It is our first time to have a dog and it is an amazing experience especially when you met a great breeder! Our breeder is súper profesional and responsible, when we have any questions, he is always patience to help us out. We love our puppy, he is cute and healthy, we are very lucky to have him. Thank you!!! You won’t regret!

 Left by Brittainy B


First of all, I love my new pup. He’s perfect. This was my first time using and my first time getting a dog on my own. Renat is very straight forward and has done all of his research. He is super informative and a really nice man. When I arrived to pick up the puppy, I met his family and his daughters were playing with the dogs. Einstein (my pup) gets so excited when he sees children now, so I feel it’s a bonus that they socialize them with kids. Really just a great experience.

 Awesome Experience

This was our first time getting a puppy and Renat made the experience wonderful. Upon our initial interaction, he was very responsive and willing to answer any questions that I had via text or phone call. After our call with Renat, we were 100% certain that this was where we wanted to get our puppy from. On the day of pick up, we were welcomed into his home and we even got to meet the rest of his family. Everyone was so wonderful (especially his daughters) with the puppy and you could tell the pups were brought up in a safe, loving, and healthy environment. He was able to show us the mother and father, who looked extremely happy and healthy. Renat gave clear instructions on how to care for the puppy in the upcoming weeks and provided us with his vaccination record and food that would last for a few days. I highly recommend going through this breeder if you're looking for a corgi!!

Reviewer: Miya, February 22, 2022

 Healthy and well-tempered baby

So thankful to Renat and his corgis for bringing my baby Miso into the world! She is a happy, playful girl who is unafraid of new things and is peaceful and quiet. We took her to the vet for the first time, and the vet was impressed by her health. Thankful to have such a good girl. Throughout the waiting process, Renat had great communication, sending photos every week. I look forward to taking many more photos of us playing together in the future.

Reviewer: Stacy, February 20, 2022

 Best Breeder You Can Find!!! Amazing Service!!!

I had a really good experience while purchasing my pup from Renat. He is very knowledgeable, kind, and had very good communication as he answered every question I had throughly. He also had the paperwork ready, had documents including when the pup received their vaccines and pedigree certificates of both parents, and gave me extra helpful tips when it came to caring for my pup. As for my new pup, she’s the most absolute sweetest, perfect, fluffiest and healthiest pup I have ever seen!! She’s also full of that puppy energy! I am very thankful to Renat and his corgis for bringing me my baby to the world!

Reviewer: Samantha, February 20, 2022


 Top notch breeder

Talked to every CAS breeder I could find in the 48 states. Renat was the only one that was willing to really answer questions and was extremely easy to communicate. Gave a ton of advice when I was picking up the pup and didnt skip a question. Paperwork was ready and everything was properly explained. As far as a puppy, 10/10 even better than I expected. Very happy with the purchase and really looking forward to the experiences that I am going to go through as I raise her. Highly recommend Soul Of Asia kennel, you wont be disappointed with the pups nor the experience of dealing with Renat.

Reviewer: Val, January 23, 2022    [ Delete ]


 CAS Puppy

Highly recommend this breeder. Very knowledgable, proper and fast communication. You know exactly what you are getting, the papers are in order. The puppy is absolutely perfect! It is exactly what I expected from doing my research. The build, the character, the personality :). A true Alabai specimen. We purchased a girl puppy CAS, she is a perfect addition to our family, very smart, very independent. The breeder is true to his craft and preserves the line of this breed as it should be.

Reviewer: Darina, January 10, 2022    [ Delete ]

 Alabai breder experience

This was a purchase of my second alabai. I instantly was greeted with a lot of knowledge and experience in this particular breed, where it was regarding their health, behavior or reproduction. Renat kept really accurate records and constant communication. When we picked up the puppy at 8 weeks he gave us great advice on how to travel withe pup over 600 miles. Great experience, thank you!

Reviewer: Olena, January 8, 2022    [ Delete ]

 We have a new family member!

We are thrilled to welcome the newest member of our family: a wonderful Welsh corgi puppy we purchased from this seller. From the outset, Renat responded quickly, honestly, and completely to our request for info. He listened to what we were looking for and addressed both our concerns regarding the breed and our expectations regarding purchase. Renat's corgis are healthy, handsome, and of good temperament. Prior to sale, Renat was thorough in doing health testing/screening of the puppies, and provided documentation of the results. At no time did we feel pressured to buy nor in the dark about any aspect of the purchase itself. It was an excellent choice to work with Renat.

Reviewer: Vilma, September 26, 2021    [ Delete ]


 Great breeder!

It was my first time ever owning or purchasing a dog. Same day I contacted Breeder I was able to go out and see the pups. When I saw them I knew I was definitely getting one. He explained everything pretty well in regards to vaccination and background info of the mom and dad. Gave me helpful tips and recommendations and still is in contact asking how my puppy is. Very happy with my decision.

Reviewer: Edith, August 19, 2021

 The Best!

I very much recommend this breeder! I got a corgi from him and she is ADORABLE. This breeder truly cares about his puppies. He has been extremely helpful and thorough with all my questions. He also sent me photos of her every week until she was ready to come home with me! Great service, great experience, so happy!!

Reviewer: hannah, August 17, 2021

 Great breeder

What a great breeder! We purchase the third corgi from Alabai. He is definitely one of the better breeders out there who truly care about his puppies. We highly recommended him to anyone who wants to get a corgi puppy. They care about their dogs passionately, and it shows base on the quality of their dogs. We wish him the best and keep up the good works with the passions that drives his business.

Reviewer: Sandra, June 1, 2021

 Best service

I would definitely have to say they have the best service I have seen. They are very helpful and reliable and take really good care of their new puppies. They send weekly update pictures and make sure they explain the whole process. I am really happy with the new member of the family.

Reviewer: Amanda, May 27, 2021

 Awesome puppies with great temperaments

Great experience working with AlabaiCA. They made everything super easy. We got an amazing, healthy puppy with a great temperament.

Reviewer: Hannah, May 4, 2021

 Best Alabai Puppies

I recently purchased an Alabai puppy from AlabaiCa and could not be more happy with how beautiful my pup is. I met both the Parents of my Puppy Tibul the Sire from Kyrgyzstan and Panda the Dam who has Bayaz Bury blood in her, both of them extremely impressive and rare bloodlines from over seas. Even at 8 weeks old my alabai already has great guardian instincts. If you are considering buying an Alabai pup then look no further, this is the best. A+++

Reviewer: Paulsilas, April 30, 2021


We received a female CAS. They are super easy to work with, very communicative, and obviously care immensely for their animals. Honestly, truly a joy to work with. And, oh yeah, the puppy is amazing and gorgeous!

Reviewer: Charles, April 30, 2021

 Great puppy from very knowledgeable breeder

We've got a corgi female puppy from Renat back in March of 2021. We are very, very satisfied with our Ginger, she made such a wonderful addition to our family.I will definitely recommend this breeder to anyone who wants to get a great quality dog.

Reviewer: Arslan, April 26, 2021

 Best puppies

We have been looking for Corgi puppies for a very long time. Many breeders have puppies with thin paws, bad hair, and an incomprehensible psyche! We found Renat by a chance , on the advice of our friend! Every week, he sent us a photo of our puppy! We have seen how it grows. now the puppy is almost three months old and we are very happy! a puppy with a stable psyche, thick paws, with an excellent pedigree and DNA tests. these are high quality puppies that will delight you for a long time

Reviewer: Ekaterina, April 9, 2021

 Fabulous and cutest Corgi ever

Thank you so much for your caring and kindness for selling me my cutest and healthiest little Corgi. I truly appreciate how easy you are to communicate with and took a good care of my puppy during the first two months of his birth. I truly appreciate and feel grateful for you to bring me my lovely puppy. Thanks so much!

Reviewer: Linda, April 7, 2021

 Beautiful Corgi and wonderful breeder

We got our Gizmo a month ago, and we couldn't be happier! Renat is so knowledgeable about the breed, and made sure we understood everything about buying a Corgi from him. He spent a lot of time guiding us through the process, and was upfront and friendly. He also gave us weekly updates before we picked up our pup. I am impressed at the wonderful temperament of our Gizmo, and how smart he is! It is obvious that Renat puts a lot of work into his puppies, and they come from wonderful lines of parents! Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about Renat and his pups.

Reviewer: Colleen, April 6, 2021

 Knowledgeable Breeder, great dogs

I have gotten a pup from this breeder a month ago. I visited this breeder prior to getting puppy or even signing a contract. His dogs are some of the best I have seen with amazing temperament (which is the must important to me). Renat is very knowledgeable and not trying to sell you puppy. His dogs do it for him. He answered all my questions and after visit I knew I was making a right choice. Even though I did not get to pick a pup myself ( I had the last male puppy on reservation) I still gotten an amazing pup. Great quality, solid temperament, very intelligent. Very happy I was able to find AlabaiCa and Renat. Highly recommend this breeder to anyone who wants good quality CAO.

Reviewer: Vitaliy, March 19, 2021


 Great experience

Seller was VERY knowledgeable about breed and made sure I understood them before selling to me. I respect that so much more than the breeders that just wanted my money! Transaction and contract was clear and efficient, pup arrived by plane happy, healthy and exactly as described. I couldn't be happier with our new addition. 10 stars to AlabaiCA!

Reviewer: Kelly, March 6, 2021

 Great to work with!

I just picked up my CAS puppy last Friday, and I can't even begin to thank you enough!! He is seriously so wonderful and has the best temperament. My Frenchie and him are getting along wonderfully and I hope to get to work with you guys again in the future! Keep up producing the best CAS dogs I have seen.

Reviewer: Lisa, March 5, 2021

 Alabai puppy

I just got my last Friday, and i was amazed with his temperament and he already start to chase coyotes, and i already reserved another puppy after witnessing their temperament with my eyes. The breeder kept me updated since day one. Thank you

Reviewer: Zaki, March 5, 2021

 Wonderful experience!

Renat is a great breeder who produces beautiful dogs! He kept us up to date on our puppy every week til we picked him up! He and his family were very informative about the breed! Thank you!

Reviewer: Joe, March 5, 2021

 Excellent service

I value good service and dealing with a seller that sells such quality dogs is very hard to find. I had researched the Asian Shepherd breed and knew this would be the best breed for my acreage and family. Renat was exceptional to work with in buying my puppy. Since I lived in a different state, Renat made the transaction of signing the contract seamless for me. Weekly, I received pictures of my puppy until I was ready to pick her up in person. Renat and his family made us feel like family when picking up our girl "Lakota". You will get a very large puppy that is smart. She responded to her name after the first day. She learned to walk on a lead in one day. I am very happy with my puppy she's such a mellow and well-mannered little puppy. I am impressed that at 8 weeks old she is very protective of my daughter and the rest of the family members. Barking and investigating things that she isn't familiar with. I would recommend Alabai Ca in purchasing a Central Asian Shepard.

Reviewer: Porshea, March 5, 2021


I had such a great experience getting my girl. We were updated with new photos weekly and the application process was very thorough so I know they care about their dogs and making sure they’re in good homes. Renat was very accommodating with our requests and gave a lot of information. Thank you!!

Reviewer: Tina, March 5, 2021

 Easy to work with, beautiful dogs

This breaded was very easy to work with, very knowledgeable and caring person. The puppies are beautiful and well taken care of. Provided updates on my puppy weekly and made the shipping process from CA to IL very simple. Very happy with the breaded and the puppy.

Reviewer: Sergei, March 4, 2021


Was able to make a childhood dream come true

I had always wanted a Corgi as a kid and never had the chance, with Renat's help the dream come true. Communication was simple and pleasant, every week he sent pictures so you could see your pups growth. I'm very pleased and satisfied with Alabaica and would recommend anyone who wants a cute loaf of their own to them. Thank you again Renat.

Reviewer: Alberto, September 3, 2020

 Great service

You can tell this person has been breeding for quite sometime. He knew what he was talking about and made the purchase of my corgi a very seamless and easy one. I was probably in and out within about 30-40 minutes. Thanks for your help

Reviewer: Ramneek, September 2, 2020

 Excellent breeder

We recently picked up our corgi and she is a happy, healthy bundle of joy. We had a great experience with this breeder, who is very knowledgeable and easy to work with.

Reviewer: Peter, September 1, 2020

 Wonderful Experience!

My children decided to buy me a Corgi for Mother's Day this year. My daughter contacted several breeders, and Alabai responded right away. It was a GREAT experience. We were sent pictures and updates of the mom before birth, then started receiving information and pictures weekly after the pups were born. So many, that I am making a baby book for our little guy! The day we picked up Mr. Darcy, our fur baby, we didn't know what to expect. We arrived early and allowed in right away. The paperwork was gone over thoroughly and patiently. We were even introduced to Mr. Darcy's mom and dad. I even received a check-in text a couple of days after we brought him home. The whole experience was fabulous! Mr. Darcy is happy, healthy, absolutely gorgeous and sweet with a little naughty mixed in! I HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend this breeder.

Reviewer: Dolores, September 1, 2020

 Awesome corgi puppy

We are very happy with getting our corgi puppy. She's healthy (including A-grade genetic tests), smart and friendly. Renat kept us updated about the puppy growing every week. He gave us all the documents, answered all our questions. The dogs and puppies get all the care from Renat's loving family and the puppies are adapted for in-house living. We really appreciate his job and will recommend him to all our friends.

Reviewer: Aleksandra, September 1, 2020

 Excellent Corgi Breeder!

I picked up my 4 month old corgi a few days ago and couldn’t be more happier! She is so sweet and gentle. You can definitely tell they take care of all their dogs. Renat was quick at communicating through email and provided us with all the details where we could tell he is a breeder you can trust. He sent us multiple photos and even photos of the doggie parents. He shared with us lots of info about corgis and even sent us more details after picking up our baby corgi. If you’re searching for a new puppy, I highly recommend Renat! Amazing experience!

Reviewer: Neva, August 20, 2020

 Amazing Corgi Breeder! Highly Knowledgeable!

As I am writing this review it has been one month since my significant other and I picked up our wonderful Tri-Color Corgi girl from Renat and his family. We got in contact with Renat when their puppies were 5 weeks old and they did amazing at communicating with us and sending us photos until she was old enough to be picked up. My girlfriend and I would definitely suggest Renat if anyone we know is looking for a corgi in the future as our little "Oreo" is so dang cute and healthy as can be. Every time we take her to the vet all the technicians want to be the one to help us, and if you get a puppy from Renat, you will experience the same.

Reviewer: Alexander, July 10, 2020


 Awesome experience!! Love our Corgi baby!

I cannot say enough on how enjoyable it was to work with Renat! The whole experience from the initial contact, through the process (which included wonderful pictures every week to keep us updated on our little guys progress!) and when finally picked him up to take little Ziggy to his forever home! It’s amazing to know our puppy came from such a nice family and Renat was very knowledgeable about the breed and shared great information to me. I would personally recommend anyone considering working with Renat to get their puppy, working with him and his family was a dream come true! 10/10!

Reviewer: Mark, June 7, 2020


I've imported a CAO aka Alabai aka Central Asian Shepherd before from Ukraine thinking i wanted an authentic CAO. Yes, i did get an authentic CAO but I paid almost twice as much. I've known this breeder for over 3 years and I should have bought my first one from him. The quality of my puppy is A1! Temperament is A1! Dealing with this breeder is like doing business with your family or best friend. That's all I can say about this breeder.

Reviewer: Jorge, April 9, 2020


 Good Breeder

I reserved a male puppy from Renat several weeks ago and picked him up at 8 weeks old. A white with fawn spots Central Asian Shepherd. Renat was very easy to work with. Reservation was easy. I was kept informed on a weekly basis with pictures on how my puppy was doing until I was able to pick him up. When picking up the puppy, Renat was already deworming the puppies on a weekly basis and had given the 1st set of shots. He set me up with UKC papers for me to register the puppy at my own convenience which was great. The puppy himself has been great so far. Fearless with new situations and already barking at strange people which is very surprising at 10 weeks of age. This is a family breeder and one of his daughters takes care of the puppies which is good to see. The puppies are treated with care and love. The puppy, oranges, and bay leaves were great Renat! Thanks again!

Reviewer: Ali, March 24, 2020

 Beautiful Alabais

We got our male Alabai from Renat and are very happy with our dog. We chose our puppy at three days old and Renat sent us weekly pictures and updates, we were able to see him from babyhood till we picked him up which was so important to us. The whole experience was really positive and we would love to get a puppy from them in the future. Beautiful dogs!!

Reviewer: Sierra, February 23, 2020

 My handsome Corgi

I am super happy with purchasing my baby corgi from this breeder. He had teaches me and my bf all the product we need to know when bringing home our baby. This is a trusted breeder and i would so recommend this breeder to anyone who is thinking of purchasing from him.

Reviewer: Diem, January 31, 2020

 Excellent experience!

Finding a reputable breeder is a scary task. I am so happy we found alabaiCA. They were so helpful, quick to respond, and so incredibly organized. They had a Male corgi available that was exactly what we were looking for. We went to see him in person and we were so happy to see how well cared for they are. Overall it was such a great experience and we are so in love with our new addition!

Reviewer: Lena, September 21, 2019

 Healthy cute puppy and great seller

The seller is very responsible and friendly. He will explain all the details about the puppy. Corgi is very pretty, sweet,gentle, and healthy. GREAT experience buying Corgi from this Breeder.

Reviewer: Scarlett, September 20, 2019


 Alabai Male Puppy

I was looking for a replacement puppy after our Central Asian Shepard passed away. This seller was highly recommended for Central Asian Shepards. After getting to know the owners of the kennel and looking at the dogs, it was a clear choice we wanted to buy a puppy from them. The kennel has dogs that have great bloodlines. Once the puppies became available for reservation it was a smooth process on getting our male Central Asian Shepard. The quality of the puppy was excellent and had good breed standards. The puppy has good temperament and great with animals and kids. Highly recommend this seller for Central Asian Shepard buyers.

Reviewer: Alex, February 18, 2019


A great experience from beginning until the end. This breeder truly cares about his dogs and keeps you informed about them from the day they’re born until the day you pick it up. I highly recommend Alabaica if you are in the market for an alabai dog. My puppy is even better than I could have imagined.

Reviewer: Dan, February 12, 2019


I recently bought a female alabai puppy for my family and I. We needed a well bred dog in order to guard our home and livestock. I traveled to California to pick her up and the service was excellent. I was so delighted to see how well the puppy has grown mentally and physically. Our little girl has a wonderful mindset with no agression towards us. My whole family has fallen in love and we were more than grateful to be able to purchase her from Renat. I highly recommend you buy from Renat if you need/want a well bred, amazing, smart puppy for any discipline or reason.

Reviewer: Dmitriy, February 10, 2019


I bought a puppy from Renat not only he sells you the puppy but he follows with pictures every week so you can see the progress of the growth of it, I'm very pleased and satisfied with Alabaica. Our family is very happy with Kuma I cannot express how great it's been all I can say is THANK YOU RENAT and were thinking of getting the female from Alabaica. thanks again

Reviewer: Sergio, February 9, 2019


 Finally, a breeder that knows his stuff and cares

After searching around for months for a corgi puppy, I stumbled upon this breeders posting. After contacting him, he went out of his way to make sure everything went well and introduce us to his dogs and see the conditions they live in. He showed us bloodlines, the parents, and all shot history along with dietary info. He cares where his pups go. I very much appreciate that. I've had my puppy 2 1/2 months now, and I couldn't be happier. Amazing temperament and very loving and playful. Hes also a very good looking puppy, beautiful colors and build. Thank you so much for our Oliver!

Reviewer: Patrick, August 18, 2018

 My Precious Corgi

We got our Corgi back in March, this breeder gives you all the information regarding the dog you are interested in and all the paperwork as well. He’s very organized, very knowledgeable about the pup you want and he’s timely in his responses back to you with any questions you may have. We picked up our pup visited with him and his family saw the environment our pup was raised in up until we took possession of him. Very clean well kept and clearly lots of love and care is given to the dogs. We will be back for sure for another dog soon. I highly recommend this breeder you will feel at ease once you speak with him, I couldn’t say enough positive things about this breeder. I keep in touch with him, send him pics of our pup and his new life with us, I think that’s key that this breeder wants you to send him pics or vids of the pup thru out his lifetime. That speaks volumes at least to us that he really cares about his dogs and where and whom takes them.

Reviewer: Teresa, August 18, 2018

 Great place, great people and an amazing puppy

Got baby boy first, then returned for a baby girl from that place. So happy to know those amazing people and awesome puppies. Great service, professional and knowledgeable. Can’t be more happy and thankful for all your great work and amazing puppies. Would highly recommend this seller to my friends or anyone who is interested in getting an Alabai puppy.

Reviewer: Nina, July 17, 2018



 Alabai puppy

What a wonderful kennel this is the name says it all Soul of Asia. Producing the best examples of this breed for many years and many more to come. Renat and his wonderful family take the time to educate each of their buyers to make sure that you get the best puppy possible for your needs. Having purchased a beautiful female puppy few months prior we went back and got a gorgeous male puppy also. Absolutely immaculate clean kennels and well kept and healthy dogs come out of this kennel with proper head types bone structure and great movement and sound joints. Renat is very straight forward and honest in the purchase. Renat produces the best specimens of this breed that I can assure you of as being native to Central Asia ourselves. God bless Renat and his family and long live the great kennel Soul of Asia.

Reviewer: Julia, July 1, 2018


 Caring and thoughtful breeder

We were really impressed with how not only professional but the care and thoughtfulnesss when purchasing one of their puppies. You can tell how much they care.

Reviewer: Richard, June 25, 2018


 Central Asian Shepherd(Alabai) puppy

For a long time I dreamed of buying a white Alabai to protect the house and walk on the mountains (we have a lot of coyotes),chose the Renat’s kennel, when the puppies were born he received me a lot of photos and videos as the puppy develops. I live in Washington state and decided to travel to California with my family to take puppy. Renat met us very well, the puppy was even better than on photos, Renat is a very good specialist, I receive useful information about growing of the puppy ... I recommend this kennel if you think to have a good friend and guard ... Reviewer Pavel. May 2018.

Reviewer: Pavel, May 6, 2018


  Soul of Asia alabai puppy

Being natives ourselves from Uzbekistan another central asian country I know how this breed should be and present itself. Renat is a unique person who genuinely I repeat GENUINELY cares about each and everyone of his dogs and pups. This is a very professional kennel and Renat proves this. In today’s world where people are so driven by making money only it is very tough to find people who actually care about what they are producing and with this wonderful kennel Soul of Asia you 100% will get the best quality dogs produced around the dogs that we remember back in our native country. My family and me are absolutely thrilled to have found this kennel and are proud everyday to have a real alabai dog from Renat and his family. Long live the Soul of Asia kennel.

Reviewer: Alex, April 22, 2018

 Great Experienced Breeder of Alabai dogs!!

My family and I purchased a CAS from Renat at Soul of Asia kennel and we are extremely happy with the whole experience. Renat is very knowledgeable about the breed, and very kind. He kept me informed the whole time. As soon as the pups were born he sent pictures and updates. And every week thereafter. Our puppy is exactly what we were looking for. He is sweet and good with our kids. Healthy and strong, And absolutely beautiful. I would highly recommend Renat as a breeder of Central Asian Shepherds.

Reviewer: April, April 21, 2018


 Central Asian puppy 

 Very good and healty puppy!

Very professional in the buying procedure. The puppy was sent in a kennel of quality with small details, like a carpet so that the urine is immediately absobed. The puppy is in excellent health and already at 8 weeks, very guardian. I recommend to all who want a quality Central Asian Shepherds and very working. Thank you Renat, we are very happy and satisfied with Mia.

Reviewer: Federico, December 22, 2017


 Central Asian Shepherd(Alabai) puppy

My girlfriend and I are extremely happy with our purchase of an Alabai / Central Asian Shepherd female puppy this September 2017 from this Breeder. Throughout the process, the Breeder was very helpful and insightful with our puppy selection and concerns. Initially, we were inquiring and had our mind set on a male puppy. However, the Breeder had recommended (due to our living situation - in a high-rise condominium) that a female dog would be better suited for us. As to date, we are glad that we took the Breeder’s advise and got a female puppy. She is a sweet, friendly, gorgeous pup and very intelligent. She brings us joy everyday. If anyone is interested in this beautiful breed, we highly recommend purchasing it through this breeder. Eric and Anastasia

Reviewer: Eric, December 3, 2017

 Central Asian(Alabai) puppy 

Great place to get a puppy!

I received my puppy November 25 and I could not be any happier with the puppy and the easy and smooth process that it took to get him. The Breeder is very professional and the entire process to obtain the puppy was very straight forward and by the book. Communication was great, replies to questions and concerns were answered almost immediately. I received many pictures of the pup before the pup reached 8 weeks which I thought was really awesome. The puppy arrived in perfect health just as promised. I highly recommend this place because the process was so easy, everyone was very professional and they have the most amazing dogs!

Reviewer: Alexander, December 1, 2017

 Central Asian puppy 

Thanks to Renat!

I went up to pick my puppy up from Sacremento since I lived in the Washington and didn't want to have my puppy shipped. I arrived later in the night and was welcomed with open arms. They have fantastic animals, very well adjusted and strong willed.I purchased our puppy from Renat and could not be happier with our puppy.

Reviewer: Leonid, November 28, 2017


 Central Asian puppy

The breeder Renat was a pleasure to deal with, very courteous and professional. The female puppy I purchased arrived clean and healthy from the breeder , with all paperwork in order. I have owned and bought numerous dogs over the last 20 + years and can honestly say this is by far my favorite dog. She is healthy, smart, extremely affectionate and well balanced temperament. I would not hesitate in buying another puppy from this breeder in the future and most likely will be acquiring another from him. Charles, NJ

Reviewer: charles, June 14, 2017   

 Corgi Puppy

I bought a corgi puppy from Renat and it was a great experience. He was very responsive to my messages and was able to provide ample details regarding the puppy's history, parents, and condition throughout the process. He also sent weekly updates with pictures of the puppy until it was ready to come to the new home. I would definitely recommend him as an honest breeder who really wants to make sure the puppy goes to a good home

Reviewer: Dwyane, June 8, 2017    


If you are looking for Central Asian Shepherd in the USA don't look further this is it. After long three years looking for a perfect puppy, we found an amazing breeder with excellent dogs. Renat real professional who brings years and years of experience and complete understanding about this breed and simply amazing man to deal with. We purchased from AlabaiCA female with an excellent temperament with very powerful build smart and with all necessary characteristics of this breed. Ones again I strongly, strongly recommend this breeder to anyone who is looking for Central Asian Shepherd. Thank you so much, Renat extremely happy with Lali and keep in touch !!!

Reviewer: Val, May 23, 2017     

 Best experience with a great breeder!!!

I picked up Zoey, my new pembroke welsh corgi from Renat last week and I coudn't be happier with my puppy! Renat and his family were amazing and very easy to work with. Renat was very responsive to all my questions and is very knowledgeable about this breed. I learned a lot about corgi's throughout the process. Because of conflicting schedules I was not able to come back to see Zoey after my initial visit but Renat provided me with weekly updates and pics of her. If you're looking for a corgi I highly recommend this breeder and would definitely come back for a playmate for Zoey. Thanks again AlabaiCa!!!

Reviewer: Ruben, May 22, 2017   

 So happy to have Nibbler home!

Renat was so helpful, informative, and communicative -- we especially loved his picture updates and flexibility so we could visit. We loved meeting Nibbler's mom and dad. Our new baby is so sweet, cute, funny, smart, athletic, and brave. He's learning so fast! He's mastered going up stairs (down is still a little scary) and we're already working on sit and stay. He's an incredibly good boy -- loves his crate, taking baths, going to the bathroom on pads and outside, learning new things, and meeting so many new people. We're so thankful to Renat that Nibbler is part of our family now!


 Great Breeder and Family

I just picked up our Pembroke Welsh Corgi from Renat yesterday. We would get constant picture updates every weekend. Renat and his family welcomed us into their home letting us come and visit our puppy. We met her parents Penny and Quarter, and they are both wonderful. You can tell they really enjoy these dogs and take great care of them. They become a part of their family and they want to make sure they go to a lovely home. Great experience all around.

Reviewer: ADRIAN, May 18, 2017    

 Milo the Corgi

My husband and I picked up our new corgi name milo yesterday, the breeder was very honest and trustworthy and reliable. The breeder let us come see the puppy and showed us all the paper work and gave us great information about corgis we were able to come and see the puppy before the pick up date. His family was very welcoming and loving. The breeder is very knowledgeable about his dogs. We would recommend and buy from them again. Thank you!

Reviewer: Julissa, May 18, 2017    


My boyfriend and I just took our puppy home yesterday! I loved the picture updates we got every weekend. And I loved how friendly this family is, they welcomed us into their home letting us come and visit our corgi when we wanted, as long as we let them know. You can tell they really enjoy these dogs and take great care of them like they should. They made it nice and easy for being our first puppy buy!

Reviewer: Jeffrey, May 16, 2017   



This is the best breed (Soul of Asia) that I have ever seen. The male dog I recently purchased is very playful (especially with kids), smart, strong, active, beautiful, easy to train, and the best guard dog for the house, property and livestock. Renat, the owner, is very professional in his job; he loves his dogs, takes good care of them, a very experienced owner of these alabai dogs. Renat is a good and a fair person that you can rely to. If anyone contacts him, nobody will regret it.

Reviewer: nikolay, April 2, 2017

 Our second puppy from wonderful breeder!

If you are looking for a Central Asian Shepherd Dog, I highly recommend you Soul of Asia kennel. Last fall, I bought my first puppy and now she is almost 7 months old. She is smart, with generally good character and strong body. Also, she is a wonderful guard dog and is the best companion. She is good with our cats and my kids, and now she takes care and plays with her new buddy" Soul of Asia Lazzat". I can say That I made the right decision and never regretted my choice with Soul Of Asia kennel. This kennel is based on responsibility, lots of experience, and very good knowledge of the breed.

Reviewer: Katerina, March 28, 2017


My wife and I recently purchased a male Central Asian Shepherd puppy from Renat. Contacting him was one of the best decisions we have ever made. We had got a female CAS "Ayla" from a lady nearby who for reasons unknown could not keep her. The moment we met Ayla, we fell in love with her and the breed. A year later we decided we wanted to breed CAS dogs and started researching. By some miracle we found Renat at Soul of Asia on Puppy Finder. When watching his YouTube videos we found our Ayla as a puppy. I contacted Renat and the rest is history. We picked up our new puppy yesterday, and couldn't be happier!! Renat was very professional and knowledgeable and his family welcomed us into their home with open arms. Our daughters even played with dolls while we talked puppy. I strongly, strongly recommend this breeder. Soul of Asia knows Central Asians!!!!!

Reviewer: Jay, March 27, 2017

 Good Breeder

Great breeder, happy with my female Ivanka alabai working on sheep farm, possible show quality

Reviewer: Ed, March 23, 2017


Pembroke Welsh Corgi💕💕

My boyfriend and I have been searching for about 1 year for our first corgi pup. We ha contacted several breeders in Northern California, but none had responded as fast as Renat did. Right off the bat, he made us feel comfortable. There's always the skepticism of buying a pup online from someone you don't know, but we know renat was reliable. He sent us pictures of our pup for the all the weeks until we got him. When it was the 5th week, we found out our pup was a fluffy!! We were even more excited because he was unique! When we went to pick up our pup, we saw our pups mommy and daddy. Instantly I felt so sad because it was obvious that the mom and pup had bonded.. anyways!! I would definitely recommend renat if you guys are looking for a pembroke or Alabai pup!!! Thank you again Renat!! We love our pup!!

Reviewer: Mandy, March 22, 2017

 HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!! Great Breeder !!!!!

I went up to pick my puppy up from Sacremento since I lived in the Washington and didnt want to have my puppy shipped. I arrived later in the night and was welcomed with open arms. They have fantastic animals, very well adjusted and strong willed.We purchased our puppy from Renat and could not be happier with our puppy.

Reviewer: Yelena, January 9, 2017

 Purchased a central Asian shepherd

We purchased a central Asian shepherd from this breeder. We could not be more happy. He's has an amazing temperament. The breeder is also always available for questions and concerns. He also sends tons of puppy pictures to update you which we love! We definitely feel like we found the breeder we will always go with.

Reviewer: Aubree, January 3, 2017

Great puppy from great breeder!!!

We got a cute puppy from this breeder. Our puppy is very active and happy. We have to notice that the breeder is professionally educated and gave us a lot of important information regarding puppy's care. It was pleasure to have a deal with those people. We defiantly recommend this breeder to anyone interested.

Reviewer: Alexander, November 23, 2016

 Strong Purebred!

My husband and traveled from Eastern Oregon to Sacramento to pick up our Central Asian Shepherd we purchased from Renat. I had raised the Asian Shepard in the past in Russia. I was so excited to find Soul of Asia online and purchased a female Asian Shepherd "Kuvvat". Renat kept us posted from the time we put a deposit on Kuvvat and how she was doing and keeping contact with us after the purchase. Renat is very Knowledgeable on his breeds. I was expecting to pickup Kuvvat and leave, but Renat wanted to make sure we knew everything to take care of our new puppy, and he really cared about where his puppy lives. Renat and his wife were very warm, friendly, generous. We recommend Soul of Asia and would like another chance to buy another. I can say on my experience Renat has a very strong purebred dogs.

Reviewer: ekaterina, November 19, 2016

 Just bought puppy

I just purchased a puppy from Renat and got him within 3 days. I could never be happier and he always kept me updated and posted with pictures and the dog is beautiful and silly. I would deffinetly recommend buying through this seller. Very profesinal. Thank you alabaica

Reviewer: Cameron, November 19, 2016


I went up to pick my puppy up from Sacremento since I lived in the Inland Empire and didnt want to have my puppy shipped. I arrived later in the night and was welcomed with open arms. They have fantastic animals, very well adjusted and strong willed. The particular puppy I acquired (Erebus) is absolutely fearless he challenged my Tibetan Mastiffs and my Presa Canario the day I brought him home due to them not being very welcoming. Everyone is all adjusted now however I wanted to mention it so you are aware of the fiery spirit these animals have. The bloodline is strong,not watered down like some of the guardian breeds that come to the US. I generally like to get my animals overseas for that reason however I made a great decision in going with them. He is very playful and affectionate with people I introduce him too and family while also remaining aloof of strangers and strange animals and that is rare in a dog, let alone a puppy at 8 weeks.

Reviewer: Stan, November 10, 2016

 Great Puppy from Great Breeder

We bought an Alabai male puppy from AlabaiCA and have to say- we bought a best puppy we would dream about. Renat is high professional breeder who knows, respects and develops this rare on North America breed very carefully and very profesisonally. I know this breed well and must say I was impressed by seeing his gorgeous dogs. He did great job, his dogs have great quality and very proper stable personality, not agressive but true protective for property,house and livestock. Puppy we bought from Renat is super healthy and smart. Renat helped us with all requested information. We will recommend this breeder with all our heart.

Reviewer: Alexandra, November 9, 2016

 Corgi Puppy

We bought a wonderful puppy from this wonderful breeder. Our puppy is happy and already at 8 weeks potty boxed train. We would recommend this breeder to anyone interested in getting a puppy. We were sent regular updating pictures that really got us excited for our new addition.

Reviewer: Laura, May 1, 2016


  Our Corgi

My fiance and I just moved back from Sacramento, and had been looking at getting a new dog for some time, after losing our Pug of seventeen years. We came across Renat's listings for a new puppy Corgi, and we couldn't be happier with the results. Renat takes pride in what he does, and our Male Corgi, who we named Kirk, is happy, healthy, and was well taken care of. We received constant pictures and updates on how he was doing, and he comes from two pedigree champions, so he's handsome to boot. Honestly, I can't recommend Renat highly enough. If you're looking for a new dog, he and his family are the ones to go to. A+.

Reviewer: Patrick, April 2, 2016


  Great breeder!

My wife and I recently purchased a corgi from this breeder. Leading up to picking her up, they were very helpful, answered questions all along the way, and sent lots of pictures to see the progress of our new pup. Renat and his family were very hospitable and helpful on pickup. Very happy with our lovely new corgi! Happy, healthy, and well taken care of.

Reviewer: John, April 2, 2016


  Corgi Very pleased

My PWC was taken care of very well by Renat and his family. Definitely very pleased with my experience.

Reviewer: Arman, March 30, 2016


  Central Asian Shepherd Livestock guardian puppy

Very happy with our new livestock guardian from this breeder, well worth the wait for him to be bred. He is now 13 weeks and growing so fast. Seller has been in contact since we picked him up making sure he is doing well, takes a lot of interest in the welfare of the puppy. Would absolutely recommend them to anyone. Very happy

Reviewer: Dave, March 29, 2016


  Corgi Worth the wait!!

My husband, daughter and l decided that we wanted a corgi over a year ago. Many of our friends have them and enjoy them. We have an Aussie shepherd and a Heeler. Both are male dogs. We wanted a female. Attempts to find a female dog in the Los Angeles area proved to be frutile. I found AlabaiCa on puppy finder. We talked to a few breeders but liked their responsiveness. We immediately fell in love with "Lola". We absolutely adore her!!! she fits in perfectly with our family. We can't say enough good things about the purchase. They are true professionals and a lovely family!!! I would highly recommend them to anyone wishing to purchase a corgi.

Reviewer: Heather, March 29, 2016


  Central Asian Shepherd

We purchased a female Alabai from Renat about 1 month ago. Renat was able and willing to provide a lot of information about the breed. He also sent me all of the paperwork on his dogs that I requested. Our puppy arrived healthy and happy. She seems very intelligent, eager to please, and confident. She is developing into a great looking dog. My family is very pleased with our new puppy and we would recommend Renat and his Alabai's to anyone who is interested in this breed.

Reviewer: Ryan, March 20, 2016

  Central Asian Shepherd

   Very happy puppy owner!

I am enjoying the company of a Central Asian Shepherd puppy for 4 days now and can't be happier with the whole experience. I found the AlabaiCA puppies online, contacted the breeder, who was very helpful, ready to answer all questions by phone and by e-mail promptly and to my utmost satisfaction. The 9-weeks old puppy was shipped across the country and arrived calm and very friendly, in spite of a long trip. She is a beauty, looking like a little bear, with shiny coat and huge paws, very healthy and happy pup. In the short time she is with us she showed intelligence and easy-going temperament, already getting the idea of house training. All in all, I am very pleased and would recommend this breeder to anybody looking for a great dog.

Reviewer: Svetlana, February 23, 2016


  Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Renat was an easy person to work with, and very knowledgeable of the breed. He is clearly passionate about his work. He sent us updates on our puppy leading up to the adoption date, and checked in on us in the weeks following. We are very happy to have adopted through him.

Reviewer: William, August 26, 2015


My boyfriend and I purchased a Pembroke Welsh Corgi pup from Renat and we couldn't be any more happier. When we arrived to Renats home to drop off the deposit, we were happily greeted by Renat, his 3 adorable daughters, and about 4 gorgeous corgis. The whole family (dogs included) were outstandingly friendly and kind. Renat is greatly knowledgable about the breed and has impressive paperwork to show for it. He kept us updated with pictures and puppy statuses throughout the 6 weeks until it was pick up time. Overall, a genuinely wonderful experience! I've already spread the word of this breeder. Doesn't matter if you're local or not, Renat is your guy to go to for Corgis and Central Asian Shepherds!

Reviewer: Brittney, August 26, 2015

  Pembroke Welsh Corgi

We purchased our corgi puppy from Renat and could not be happier with our puppy. He was well socialized from the beginning and is very well bred. There was also testing for degenerative myelopathy so we knew exactly whether or not our puppy is a carrier or clear of the disorder. Renat was very knowledgable about the breed and was very helpful in guiding us through our next steps after bringing the little guy home.

Reviewer: Alicia, August 25, 2015

   Absolutley best breeder and best dogs!

I highly recommend this breeder. He is hands down the best dog breeder I have ever experienced. extremely ethical, honest, and breeds only the finest dogs. He knows what he's doing 100%. I was highly informed, spent lots of time with him and dogs and had the best experience purchasing my new puppy. I was highly educated with the breed and shown so many pictures and info. The studs and bitches were phenomenal. very well cared for, much loved and definitely the highest quality of this breed. I highly recommend buying from this breeder. The finest dogs and best breeder. A+ all the way.

Reviewer: vanessa, May 23, 2015

   Could not be happier!

Thank you Renat and family for another fantastic dog from your families' breeding. We have been so lucky to have two different Central Asian Shepherds that we love so much from you. I cannot express how pleased we have been with our experience's. You have guided me to purchase two wonderful dogs with your wisdom and experience. Even your transport arrangements to fly our little girl across the country were seamless. Thank you Again, Brian from Gay, Georgia

Reviewer: Brian, January 26, 2015

   Great breeder!

Renat is a great breeder who cares and loves his dogs very much. He has been breeding Central Asian Shepherds for many years, is very knowledgeable about the breed, and pleasant to deal with. He has beautiful dogs from most famous Turkmen lines with very impressive pedigrees. His dogs have nice temperaments and make wonderful guardians and family pets.

Reviewer: Victoria, December 18, 2014

  Central Asian Shepherd

We received our male Central Asian Shepherd a little over a week ago and could not be any happier! After researching this breed for months and trying to find the best puppy, we feel we found him through AlabaiCA. He is such a playful, loving, brilliant, and not to mention beautiful puppy! He learns so quickly and is a complete joy to have. We purchased our CAS from Renat and he is great to work with. It's very obvious he not only knows what he is doing and has been doing it for a long time, but he also has a true compassion for these dogs.

Reviewer: James, December 11, 2014

  Alabai aka Central Asian Shepherd

I purchased a female from this seller. She is the most beautiful puppy ever. Everyone who looks at her melts. At nine weeks young she is playful, healthy and very intelligent. Her blood lines are the best and we look forward to sharing many years with her. This puppy does not come from a puppy mill. Thank you very much for providing this rare breed. We are grateful.

Reviewer: Kelly, December 8, 2014

  Could not be happier with our new pup!

We have purchased our pup from Renat. Could not be happier with the breeder, from beginning to the end. Renat has spend a lot of time with us, answered many questions and has been extremely helpful. We visited his kennel and his dogs are amazing. He truly loves and care for the breed and takes pride in his pups. We are so happy with the pup, he is stunning, smart and gentle with our 10m old baby. Also, we get so many comments about this beautiful pup, he is already a facebook celebrity.

Reviewer: anya, December 6, 2014

  Satisfied Alabai Owner

AlabaiCA is a first-class breeder who provides amazing guard dogs with great-quality temperaments. Renat is knowledgeable and made me feel at ease with the whole process, as I am a first time dog owner. He cares about the well-being of the new owner and young pup, frequently checking up on their health and condition. Renat assists people in developing a good relationship with their dogs and gives helpful advice. I would not hesitate to recommend this breed/breeder to anyone. I have gained a best friend for life in my Alabai, all thanks to AlabaiCA.

Reviewer: Aleksandr, May 6, 2013


First of all I would like to say that Alabai Ca has some of the best looking and great tempered dogs around. Alabai Ca is so easy to work with. Renad is always there to answer all your questions. He welcomes you to his home any time. I purchased my Alabai Ca from Renad and I am so happy that I found such a wonderful caring breeder. I have personal y gone to Renad home 2 or 3 times, and every time I leave so excited and happy. He answers all my questions. Knows every thing about the breed. All his adult dogs are so clean and healthy, and super friendly and working dogs. It is hard to find such a GREAT breeder like Alaba Ca. I recommend them 120% to any one looking for a puppy. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!! And GOD BLESS YOU!!!

Reviewer: artur, May 3, 2013

 Happy owner.

We so much appreciate "Alabai CA" for their breeding successful work. We`ve got the Central Asian Shepherd puppy three weeks ago. This is very nice, playful and friendly especially to children girl-puppy. She was 22 lbs, 13" neck tall then and 32 lbs, 16" tall now. Growing up for more than 3 pounds a week while a moderate feeding. I`m not a new in dog keeping, over a 20 years of experience and I can say "Alabai CA" is a very professional breeding dog farm. They do important job to improve one of best guard-dog in the world which compete just with 2 or 3 other breeds among a hundreds of others. Not more !

Reviewer: Sergey, April 27, 2013


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